The Verge: Uncovering the Facade of Rehab Reviews

In a world of today where every terrible and unqualified thing is possible, where it costs nothing to cheat a lot of people only to make dollars from their pockets. What with the speed with which the world is progressing, numerous things seem to be getting in their place. But because with roses comes thorns, countless things are getting out of hand, drug abuse problem being one of them.

The youth and even the general public has much more easy access to drugs like cocaine and weed that this problem is spreading like a wild forest fire, and despite global efforts to contain the destruction caused by these substances, it looks like there is no stopping it. While the world seems to be at a constant battle with drug abuse, people who go through this problem are making immense efforts to look for effective help and appropriate guidance to shift out of this living hell.

Many of us may feel sympathetic towards such individuals who are trying really hard to achieve a milestone in their lives by walking out of addiction. However, some people are taking advantage of this situation and turning it into a lucrative business venture.

Very recently, The Verge unveiled a massive scam led by one of the most respectable rehab centers, Cliffside Malibu. You would think that a rehab facility with such a prestigious status in society would be all committed and true, but that’s where you are wrong.

According to The Verge, Cliffside Malibu indulges in the business of false review. If you go on to rehab review sites such as or, you would have seen that Cliffside Malibu was rated at the top while other rehab facilities had been degraded to lower ranks and given bad reviews. You must be wondering why and how does that happen? Well, The Verge found the answer: Cliffside Malibu owned these rehab review sites and rated and reviews their own facilities themselves on these sites.

This is an extremely immoral practice on all grounds, especially considering that these rehab centers are nothing less than hospitals that are meant to give a second and a rather improved life to those who come for rehabilitation services. Anybody trying to gain information about the possible help they can attain in this regard might begin with the internet search and try to check the reviews of rehab services available. If the sites like and review a particular rehab facility optimistically, in this Cliffside Malibu being the one, the distressed individual would naturally go for it.

They may not want to ask other people because of the stigma attached to the concept of going into rehab or being an addict and therefore fall prey to this game of false reviews. It is highly unethical for a service firm that has so much responsibility and ability to make a difference in someone’s life to be greedy and treacherous. Driving business out of other human beings’ misery is apparently a new and clever practice initiated by rehab facilities like Cliffside Malibu ho not only dodge other humans who are already in trouble, they also disregard the effort of other organizations that are actually working hard and are honestly trying to strengthen those who are vulnerable and weak.

Such unethical practices show a conflict of interest. Those who set up these facilities are eager to run it as purely a ’business activity’ rather than a fundamental service for the betterment of sufferers. The doctors, therapists and other staff working at such facilities may also be working at their best. However, the financial interests of the owners and the upper management may also cause hindrance in the way these professionals work therefore these heads disregard the efforts and input of their staff as well.

It can easily be deduced that organizations like Cliffside Malibu need to be exposed and the efforts of entities like Verge need to be applauded because their ability to take action was what revealed the true identity of such corrupt and immoral organizations. It not only brought into highlight the problems of turning such a serious service into a business activity but it also provided awareness to people. People who need help for such a sensitive issue need to gather information from reliable resources and double check the credibility of the facility they are planning to approach. There is no shame in reaching out for help; the only shameful thing is exploiting those who need it.

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