drug war

“Stupid” and “Cowardly” War on Drugs Fails Around the World

The report in The Independent doesn’t mince its words. Beneath a headline a hard-hitting conclusion is drawn: giving gangsters control of the recreational drug supply chain simply sponsors gangs. Doing this, says the report, is “stupid” and “cowardly”. Somewhere, government representative are squirming uncomfortably. It’s not fun being called either of these things. But how […]

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vicodin abuse

The workings behind Vicodin- know what it’s doing to you

Vicodin is a drug that is used by doctors as a pain killer. It is a combination drug, a mixture of hydrocodone and aciteminophin. It is used to bring relief in cases of severe pain. TH drug targets the pain receptors in the nervous system and suppresses them, dulling the senses. However, the drug is […]

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Cocaine Abuse – Fatal Euphoria

The deadly and dangerous cocaine lures drug users and imprisons them with addiction. This euphoria-inducing drug is one of the common, illicit drug in the US; though the intoxication comes with dire consequences for the suffering addict.   If an individual is uncertain if he or she is addicted to cocaine, the answer is probably […]

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Pain in a Pill: Benzodiazepines Abuse

Abuse of benzodiazepines may turn beneficial medication into painful addiction.  For patients, the highly-addictive substances all too often turn from use to abuse. According to a study by the University of Michigan in 2010, prescription drugs such as benzodiazepines were the most commonly abused drug after Marijuana.   It isn’t only patients who suffer from […]

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valium pills

Valium Abuse: Vicious Nightmare

The prescription drug Valium may be dangerous and addictive if abused, and long-term misuse may cause addiction. Using Valium correctly, may only cause temporary side effects and can even be beneficial. However, prescription drug abuse poses a very real danger that needs treatment to avoid harm or even death.   The sedative-hypnotic, diazepam Valium is […]

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Ativan abuse – turning bad to worse

Ativan is a prescription drug that aid patients suffering from anxiety, panic and insomnia. However, Ativan abuse may occur if taken over an extended period, turning a bad situation into something far worse: addiction.   When do Use Become Abuse?   There are several signs to look for when suspecting Ativan abuse. Individuals who are […]

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ritalin 10 mg

The Consequences of Ritalin Abuse

Ritalin is a highly addictive medication, commonly prescribed for ADHD and ADD. The medication may well turn into abuse and addiction as it can be used to get high. Ritalin stimulates the central nervous system, causing effects such as weight loss, increased activity, and helps the user stay awake.   Signs of Abuse   Ritalin […]

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marijuana field

The Hidden Dangers of Marijuana Abuse

There is a green wind blowing over the US, as millions of Americans use Marijuana on a daily basis. Lulled by the false notion of marijuana being harmless, the number of addicts are unfortunately only increasing.   Long-term users may face the risk of addiction, as the commonly believed idea of marijuana not being addictive […]

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heroin in powder form

The Deadly Grasp of Heroin

Heroin is an immensely powerful opiate that brings devastating effects, with a potentially fatal outcome. Abusers may suffer dire consequences; social, legal, and health-related. The addiction affects both the addict and anyone close enough to get dragged down with them.   If the user isn’t able to clean up or find an adequate rehabilitation center, […]

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klonopin blue pills

Klonopin Abuse: When treatment becomes a threat

Also known as K-pin, Klonopin is an addictive benzodiazepine commonly prescribed to treat anxiety and panic attacks. However, Klonopin may cause severe addiction, and is recommended for short durations only. Otherwise, what was once the solution, may now become the problem.   As the body grows tolerant of the substance, even patients taking it as […]

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